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Yin and Yang, Rainbows and Butterflys 

Our story began four years ago when my mom, who I fondly refer to as my business partner, received a call from me. It was an unexpected suggestion to purchase a flower shop. Initially hesitant, after much deliberation and brainstorming we took the plunge and purchased the shop in our little town of Metamora, IL.

Knowing that floral trends can rapidly change and with weddings being our specialty, we committed to attending numerous design classes to remain at the forefront of the industry. In no time, we had established a brand rooted in both daily orders and beautiful wedding designs. 

I am known for bringing creativity and vibrancy to all of our projects - like a sprinkling of unicorns and rainbows - while my mom is there to bring me back down to reality! We joke that between us it’s like a constant battle of yin and yang but in truth it’s this very balance which has enabled us to create something so unique; something which truly resonates with our customers.


Our Mission 

At Village Floral Designs & Gifts, our mission is to provide beautiful and fresh flower arrangements that leave you breathless on your big day or special event. We take pride in creating unique and personalized designs for each of our clients, using elements such as colors, textures, shapes, and fragrances to create a stunning visual experience. Our experienced team of florists strive to make each arrangement perfect for any occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and more.

In addition to providing gorgeous floral designs, we also strive to be earth conscious when it comes to our materials. We use recyclable containers whenever possible and aim to reduce waste by finding creative ways to reuse items from previous engagements. We believe that even the smallest step towards sustainability can have a huge impact on the future of our environment!

 We are passionate about bringing beauty into each of our client’s lives with only the freshest flowers available. From traditional bouquets to unique statement pieces,Village Floral Designs & Gifts  has something for everyone!


“I must have flowers, always, and always.” ― Claude Monet

The founder of Village Floral Designs & Gifts, a young woman named Lindsey, was tired of the same routine life she had been living. She found herself jumping from one job to the next, never feeling satisfied and always looking for something more. That's when she decided to take a leap of faith and start her own business. Her idea was simple - create floral designs that could bring joy and happiness to people's lives.

At first, Lindsey was worried whether or not people would buy into her vision. But then something amazing happened - with each bouquet that she carefully crafted, her customers kept coming back for more. Not only did they love the beauty and aroma of the flowers, but also that it represented an emotional connection between them and the person receiving them.

Lindsey soon realized that she wasn't just selling flowers — but rather moments of joy and emotion through her creations. This new realization gave her a newfound sense of purpose in life as it became clear to her what her passion was: creating beautiful floral arrangements to bring a special kind of happiness into people's lives.

Nowadays at Village Floral Designs & Gifts, Lindsey prides herself on providing a unique experience for each customer — every flower arrangement is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail so that everyone can share in the emotion of sending or receiving a bouquet. She is proud to be able to give back what flowers gave her — an outlet for creativity, passion and joyous moments in life!


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